B: ahh, you bought FXP

J: yeah...I was going to set my price at 90, but market seems to be holding up

B: that means I can put in my buy order at 90 because every time you buy, the price drops like crazy

J: stop saying that!! 

20 mins later

B: guess what? I got FXP at 90! Thank you chicklet

J: awwww crap....

B: and again! big Bill got it cheaper

J: awwww crap....!

after market closed FXP went down to 89.95

B: why did you make me buy FXP? you just can't stand losing money alone and had to drag me with ya eh?

J: what the!? I didn't tell you to buy

B: see, this is exactly why you are not allowed to give advice to clients. anyway, I blame you for that

J: blah blah blah....

J: bitch FXP....
B: bitch FXP.....

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