B: Taiwan is just a renegade province of China

J: I've told you many times, it is not!

B: It is, look at Taiwan, always disobeying China, that's not right, you are not suppose to fight your motherland.

J: I told you so many times there are no proof saying Taiwan is part of China. It may not be a independent country, but it doesn't belong to anyone

B: I don't care, Taiwan is just like Quebec, always telling people that they want to be independent

J: I'm just gonna slap you =________=

B: Awwww, you look so cute when you say that. that's why it's fun teasing you

B: (take out a cat teaser) come here kitty kitty kitty

J: I'm really gonna kill you one day.....=_______=

B: (waving the cat teaser)

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